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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year2005
  • MediumPolymer wax and freeze-dried animal blood
  • Dimensions83h x 62.7w x 80.5d cm
More about this artwork:

“As a companion piece for Chemical Life Support, I made Beauty and the Beast, a portrait of a young girl asleep, yet alert, as if under an enchantment. It’s made of polymer wax mixed, not with a medical drug, but with freeze-dried animal blood bought commercially (usually used for fertilizer). She becomes an ark, possessed by all these animals, beauty and the beast in one. This work is about the co-existence of innocence and corruption in the world and about a girl being on the cusp of childhood and adult life.” - Marc Quinn, Recent Sculptures Catalogue, Groninger Museum, 2006

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