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Follow the process of creating the sculpture Frozen Wave (The Conservation of Mass).

A small, original shell fragment, found by Marc on the beach, is 3D-scanned. An intermediate size model (a "positive") is printed from the scanned data, in resin. It is then worked on to regain the detail.

This intermediate positive is itself 3D-scanned. A polystyrene block of the full-size sculpture is created with a digital routing machine. It is then filled and primed.

The full-size positive is then cut into pieces and each piece is cast in stainless steel. The cast stainless steel panels are then welded together.

The assembled sculpture is then extensively polished, ready for exhibition.

Frozen Wave (The Conservation of Mass), 2015
Stainless steel sculpture

Photography by: Alicia Guirao
Courtesy of: Factum Arte Desarollos

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