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HUMAN REPRODUCTION at ART NEW YORK. DANIEL ARSHAM, TANER CEYLAN, JAKE AND DINOS CHAPMAN, ZHANG HUAN, HENRY HUDSON, MARC QUINN and JASON SHULMAN. A curated selection of prints, limited edition sculptures and unique works on paper. Showcasing a new limited edition collagraph print from Marc Quinn's 'Toxic Sublime' series exclusively available at the fair during the launch week. Held against the backdrop of the Hudson River at Pier 94, Art New York will be the first presentation of Human Reproduction works in the U.S. Presented by Art Miami to coincide with Frieze New York.

Clockwise from top left : Marc Quinn - Maquette for Frozen Wave; Daniel Arsham - Future Relics Portfolio; Henry Hudson - The Rise and Fall of Young Sen - A Contemporary Artist's Progress (plates 3 and 9)

Below: Jake and Dinos Chapman; Henry Hudson; Marc Quinn

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