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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala picture

Quinn's iris portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio goes on sale to raise money for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in support of the world's natural environment and wildlife.

The auction raised $45 million for charity.

For the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) St Tropez Gala, Quinn has created an iris portrait of the Foundation’s Chairman - Leonardo DiCaprio, which forms part of his ongoing series – We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars. A highly detailed image of DiCaprio’s right iris was captured using a macro lens camera which the artist used as a basis for the oil painting shown here. The artist has made two iris portraits of DiCaprio - one of each eye. The right iris portrait will be sold for the charity and the left portrait will be owned by DiCaprio.

'We Share our Chemistry With the Stars (Leonardo DiCaprio Right Eye)', 2016
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of Marc Quinn studio

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