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Marc Quinn announces a major public artwork in aid of refugees

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Opening in June 2021 on the steps of the New York Public Library, Our Blood is a not-for-profit artwork by Marc, from blood donated by more than 10,000 people – with half of these volunteers being refugees.
Our Blood is made with refugees and to help refugees: it is created to heighten awareness of the global refugee crisis and to raise millions of dollars for those whose lives are affected by it.

“To me, the refugee crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies we have ever seen. I feel compelled to make an artwork about it and, by doing so, help the people involved". — Marc Quinn

Inspired by the nearly 68.5 million people worldwide who have been forced from their homes, Our Blood is a direct challenge to the divisive conversations that separate “us” and “them”.
Our Blood is a collaborative sculpture consisting of two identical, metric-ton cubes of frozen human blood. Each cube is made of blood donated by more than 2,500 volunteers: one by refugees, one by non-refugees. The cubes will be indistinguishable and thus the artwork embodies the basic notion that, under the skin, we’re all the same.

The project is made possible with a number of key partnerships:
- The sculpture will be housed in a pavilion designed by Norman Foster with his Foundation;
- 50% of the funds Our Blood raises will go to the International Rescue Committee (one of the world’s largest refugee-focused NGOs), with the rest distributed to a group of further refugee organisations and programmes. These will be selected by the trustees of Human Love, a UK charity established by Marc; and
- Our Blood is supported by a global network of advocates who are giving their blood and voice, including prominent refugees Angok Mayen and George Okeny, as well as others including Anna Wintour, Paul McCartney and Arizona Muse, among many more.

After its first presentation at the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, Our Blood will travel to locations around the world.

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