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This exhibition is a presention of the series of unique bronze sculptures entitled 'Carbon Cycles'. The subjects of the series are self-portrait casts and skulls surrounded with various fruits and blossoms.

“Our time isn’t the only one, so, there’s this aspect of the work that involves freezing flowers, and there’s also this other disambiguation, because when you take a flower and you freeze it, you get this magic trick happening before your very eyes: the flower is now dead but it’s an image of itself as it was alive, at exactly the same scale, taking up exactly the same position in space. ‘The Carbon Cycle Nursery’ both complements this and contrasts with it, since however many completely dissonant and wrong flowers and plants are put together, you always accept it immediately as a real plant and, to me, that suggests that we’re programmed, in a way, to accept evolution.” – Marc Quinn

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