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‘All the Time in the World’ presents four new large-scale bronze sculptures and one oil-on-canvas work.

Part of Quinn’s 'The Archaeology of Art' series, the sculptures take the form of finely detailed seashells that highlight the beautiful, symmetrical and yet perfectly natural forms which, almost implausibly, are made by forces of nature at the bottom of the sea.

Quinn says: "To me, looking at these natural forms is like looking at the archaeology of art. Even though these creatures have no self-awareness, they create what we see as amazingly beautiful things, which is what makes the collaboration so interesting. I feel like I'm working alongside a creature from the beginning of time, and the beginning of art, and that therefore, somehow, these shells are about time travel. To me they are actually sculptures of the space-time continuum. By that I mean you have the rings on the outside of the shell, which look and act like the rings of a tree - showing the past of the object - and at the same time, the rings are to me like a map of the turning of the world. Then, on the front surface, you have the highly polished, reflective part, which is of course always in the present moment. This surface is always reflecting the now, and so together the form of the shell is like a found structural diagram of how the present becomes the past."

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