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The French fashion house Louis Vuitton pays homage to six of its ‘timeless muses’ in a new interactive exhibition in the recently renovated Tokyo Station Hotel.

Featuring photography and artefacts from iconic figures including Kate Moss, Catherine Deneuve and Sofia Coppola the exhibition has been designed to reveal the personality of each muse.

In tribute to Kate Moss, Vuitton are exhibiting two of Quinn's most well known sculptures of the model - ‘Sphinx’, 2005, and ‘The Road to Enlightenment’, 2006. Quinn's famous depiction of Moss in a contorted yoga pose and as an emaciated representation of Buddha are one of numerous works made in response to the model since 2000. Talking about his interest in the supermodel Quinn says: 'What's intriguing is the way that her and her image have parted company - she has one life and the image has a different one'.

Other women featured in the collection include the 19th century French Empress consort Eugénie de Montijo, architect Charlotte Perriand and novelist Françoise Sagan.

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