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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year2011
  • MediumOrbital-sanded and flap-wheeled lacquered bronze
  • Dimensions178h x 56w x 35d cm
More about this artwork:

This work is a portrait of Rick Genest, whose body is largely covered with intricate tattoos of the human skeleton. It “presents the opposite of abstract flesh – a human body that has been modified and recreated to the point of becoming a self-authored artwork. Under the moniker Zombie Boy, Genest’s full-body tattoos have made him an international celebrity, appearing in music promos, films and fashion campaigns. In distinguishing him to the ultimate degree, he has created a brand founded purely on the resonance of his aesthetic. In Quinn’s sculptural portrait, Genest smokes a cigarette, human and mundane, the ink of his tattoos rendered in relief, making him appear like a colourless version of one of one of the wax écorché models often presented in relaxed lifelike poses for 18th century anatomy students.”

- Hettie Judah, Looking for Beauty in the Breaking Storm

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