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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year2013
  • MediumAluminium, stainless steel and motor
  • Dimensions800w x 400d cm
More about this artwork:

“Constantly unravelling scenes of disaster become the literal backdrop to The Sound of Silence, 2013, an eight metre-wide, four metre-high mobile of tumbling crashing aeroplanes shown spotlit in a darkened room, their cast shadows depicting a chilling dreamscape. Planes in flight are a traditional motif in mobiles for small children – comforting nursery structures placed above the cot to lull with their movement – here they become the source of horror and anxiety. The aluminium Boeing and Airbus aircraft of Quinn’s disquieting mobile were cast from hobby construction kits; complex scale models sold in plastic parts for home assembly. The toy of a prepubescent rather than a small child, they suggest a generation that has grown up with the image of the aeroplane as the source of horror and threat rather than the symbol of weightlessness, adventure and escape that it once was. Each generation of children has its particular nightmares – the falling plane pollutes the sleep of this one.”

- Hettie Judah, Looking for Beauty in the Breaking Storm

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