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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year2013
  • MediumOnyx
  • Dimensions45h x 120w x 33d cm
More about this artwork:

“This onyx sculpture of a half consumed leg of Pata Negra jamón was made, in part, in response to bone carvings in an exhibition of Ice Age art at the British Museum in London, and to a Qing dynasty-era sculpture of a piece of cooked pork in Taipei. The Ice Age bone would have been carved after the flesh on it had been consumed, so the first carving as Quinn saw it, was not the carving of the bone, but the carving of the meat before it. The jasper-carved Meat Shaped Stone held by the National Palace Museum of Taipei is an expression of culinary art as well as stone carving, celebrating and elevating the dish of glazed fatty pork as a cultural object. Like the glazed pork, jamón ibérico has a status beyond mere foodstuff, becoming a culturally significant object, a status indicated by the complex armature in which it is supported for carving. Rendered in baby pink, the pig leg looks languid and sensual, its delicate ankle arching suggestively through a circular clamp.”

- Hettie Judah, Looking for Beauty in the Breaking Storm

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