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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year1994
  • MediumStainless steel, steel, glass perspex, refrigeration equipment and frog (Rana Sylvatica)
  • Dimensions208h x 63w x 63d cm
More about this artwork:

"'Rubber Soul' is a Perspex sculpture of Quinn’s head with a small chamber in the centre that contains a wood frog, 'Rana sylvatica'. The frog is frozen, yet alive (as it can be in nature), maintained in that suspended state in the gallery by refrigeration. Neuroanatomically, the human brain stem is said to be reptilian, meaning metaphorically that it resembles the whole brain of today’s frogs, lizards or birds. This sculpture, then, is a de-metaphorized depiction of what kind of brain we have.”

- Harvey Giesbrecht, The Carnality of Vision

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