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Artwork Details:

  • TypePainting
  • Year2009
  • MediumPencil, ink, marker, chewing gum, and paper collage on paper
  • Dimensions203h x 169.5w cm
More about this artwork:

"This is what I find so interesting about graffiti in the entrance of Juliet's House, Verona- It has an amazing emotional purity and aspiration. The house is a place which, even though 'unreal', is a place in which you can explore your very real emotions around the idea of love; the graffiti on the walls of the entrance are to my eyes pure disembodied reverie- which in a way is what art is. What is interesting is that normal graffiti is scatological and negative or transgressive, whereas this is graffiti of dreams and aspirations. What I did was to arrange to have a canvas put on the wall in the entrance to the house, so people who were writing their graffiti didn't notice any difference as the canvas was white and covered the wall. The results are ready made paintings of pure emotion."

-Marc Quinn in conversation with Jason Shulman

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