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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year2000
  • MediumCold room, stainless steel, heated glass, refrigeration equipment, mirrors, acrylic tank, low viscosity silicon oil held at -20°C turf, plants, flowers
  • Dimensions320h x 1270w x 543d cm
More about this artwork:

“For me the Garden is about desire, it’s about all the flowers in the world all coming up at the same time, in the same place, an idea of a perfect paradise. You’ve got the metal refrigeration unit, the glass top, the tank, the silicone and then you’ve got this delicate image of the living bit, so in a traditional way it’s like body and soul. The idea of mechanics and something that’s alive inside it, even though the irony is that the flowers, in order to appear to live forever, are dead. Sculpture’s about transformation but what I like about the Garden is the flowers appear not to be transformed, however if you touch them you’d find that they’re as brittle as porcelain. I wanted it to be about the manipulation of nature as well. There is no such thing as nature anymore. It’s all culture now. Every landscape you see is a manipulated landscape, every flower has been genetically modified through breeding to be like it is, so these pictures are about The Garden being constructed, not grown, that’s one aspect.” – Marc Quinn, The South Bank Show, 2000

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