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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year1989
  • MediumBaked dough, cast in bronze
  • Dimensions183h x 34w x 53d cm
More about this artwork:

The formal relationship between Giacometti’s Femme de Venise VI and Quinn’s Faim Assise is very close but the work is very much about the differences too. “Faim Assise is a sculpture I made in 1988 when I was working in bread dough. I took the measurements of a Giacometti sculpture, and I made a steel armature of exactly the same size, made bread dough, put it on the armature and cooked it. During the baking this substance took on its own life: bits fell off and the work created its own sculptural properties. Once I’d cast that bread sculpture in bronze I ended up with something that had a very expressionless surface – I was interested in how we project onto a surface of our own signification. There was the latent concept: here we have an object digesting itself; the yeast degrades the thing. In my own mind this was linked to hunger – the sculpture is tubular, it’s also intestinal, because the process involved in the bread rising is analogous to that of the body, which consumes both food and itself.”

- Marc Quinn, Before; Now and After

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