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Artwork Details:

  • TypeMixed media
  • Year1998
  • MediumStainless steel, glass, frozen silicon, lillies and refrigeration equipment
  • Dimensions219.7h x 90w x 90d cm
More about this artwork:

“When I was making Self (1991), one of the most difficult things was to find a way to stop the head from freeze-drying. Eventually, the solution turned out to be to display it in a vat of frozen silicone oil. I wondered if this process could be used to freeze one of the most delicate and elusive creations of nature – the flower in bloom. I put one in a jar of silicone and put it in my freezer. When I looked at it two years later, it looked exactly as it had on the first day. So then I made the Eternal Spring sculptures, bunches of flowers that have traded their biological life for visual immortality. To me, they raise interesting questions of when an object becomes an image of itself, dematerialises to the point that whether or not it really is dead or alive is literally immaterial.” - Marc Quinn, Recent Sculptures catalogue, Groninger Museum, 2006

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