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Artwork Details:

  • TypeSculpture
  • Year2009
  • MediumOrbital sanded and flap wheeled lacquered bronze
  • Dimensions167h x 105w x 45d cm
More about this artwork:

This portrait sculpture depicts transsexuals Buck Angel and Allanah Starr standing hand in hand, striding out into their future as radically altered beings.

“In this double portrait, the striking pair stands nude, side-by-side, feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped. Together this heroic and empowered couple suggest a contemporised creation myth: a modern day Adam and Eve story celebrating the loss of innocence as expressed through the radical options for self expression in the 21st century.” - Joachim Pissarro and Mara Hoberman, Reality Show

Buck & Allanah has evolved from Marc Quinn’s ongoing Body Alterations series, which explores how, using modern medicine and technology, people have modified their outer bodies to reflect the identity they wish to project – bringing the inside out. Quinn has always been interested in the public's obsession with the body, its perfections and flaws, and how this obsession has led some people to alter their bodies in increasingly extreme ways.

The artist believes Buck & Allanah offers a comment about the possibility of transformation, about how people can make their own worlds. This sculpture throws the very notion of identity into question, exposing it as a fragile, complex and multi-layered construction, interminably co-existent with our external physical selves. Buck & Allanah shows that culture and identity have the potential to triumph over biology.

"All art should be of the moment, with something eternal about it as well. I like the idea that if you left them [Buck and Allanah] in the desert and somebody found them in 5,000 years, it would probably tell them something about the society we live in now." Marc Quinn

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